Those who don't  follow the technology, the Co. or the industry may sell on this news..who knows? It would show extreme ignorance as we await much more substantiial news.


Volume indicates continued low visibility...a set up for what's coming in my opinion. Today's news is great as the multiple big pharmas looking at BTI begin stepping up to buy their "ticket to ride". Astrazeneca's R&D is $4billion/yr. with annual sales over $26 billion. They bought out MedImmune for $15 billion in 2007.


As mentioned earlier, how long can these monstors afford to wait before it becomes embarassingly evident that they are toying with live grenade technology? We know over 8 are in advanced stage discussions re collaborative agreements...with one just biting the bullet today. How many others are in earlier stage 'discussions'? What happens if Shire does a $200 million licensing agreement for instance...just a wild guess on my part? what happens if the Texas Tech. results are definitive re terminatiing cancer tumour existence in the brain? What happens if Abbott decides the ongoing studies it is doing on several therapeutics has real integrity? What do all the others do then?


Just thinking out loud.