I’m glad we have some spam here in order to realize the incredible investment that BTI really is. The comparison of this stock to BTI makes BTI look like a giant with respect to revenue potential and total market sales…billions for BTI versus millions for Serepta. How in the world Serepta trades at $28/share in preclinical days compared to BTI at $1.80 is incomprehensible BUT, it is a graphic representation of just what speculative (forward sales potential) fervor can do for a small biomed.  I would suggest that their shareholders sell now and jump into BTI.

Re Serepta spam: here we have a promising biomed that has a potential therapeutic for a very small market segment of muscular dystrophy…in preclinical trial…plus some promise for the treatment of rare tropical disease, the funding for one of which has been withdrawn by the defense dept. The stock is trading on Nasdaq for about $28/share…23 million shares out.

Serepta has annual net earnings of minus $2 million…total revenue of $46 million…23 million shares out….the company had raised a lot of cash from stock sales…Sarepta currently estimates full year 2012 revenue will be at the lower end of the previously issued guidance of $37 to $43 million. Additionally, operating loss is expected to be within the previous disclosed range of $25 to $30 million.

Serepta’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Program targets a very tiny market and it is still in prestage clinical trials and toxicity evaluation in cynomolgus monkeys. It has Announced that the FDA granted Fast Track status for the development of its lead infectious disease drug candidates…under a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) contract…