amorak, amorak, amorak.... when was the last name you heard your name out loud like that?

i don't need you or anyone else telling me i'm important, don't care what anyone thinks. You may think or state i'm not in the know but know this, i do my dd & i buy the stock. i don't care who knows it or who knows more than me i'm just happy to make money and probably more than all of you. 

know this, i'll follow all you idgits around, not to torment you but to see what you're doing and with who. i won't buy a stock cause you think so or tell people on these forums its a good idea (who knows, maybe you're even paid to tell us these things) i'll buy it if my dd tells me its good. 

i'll say hi to the boys at td newcrest, gmp & cibc for you. oh yeah, that's right, youndon't know any of them!



the often imitated, never duplicated, wanted by many & hated by none..