I've watched the Bioasis story develop since my first blog about it on Aug 17, 2010. There used to be a time when there was only one other poster on this board beside myslef. Then we grew to a group of about 5. Now new folks are joining us on daily basis. What used to be our little secret is now one of the hottest biotech stories in Canada. More importantly new money is coming into the story every day as the excitement continues to build about the upcoming deals. All signs point to an upcoming mania stage where the stock may runaway kind of like RVX.TO did back in the early 2007 (it shot up from around 5 bucks to 30 http://scharts.co/NZ9dWD ...Risky knows all about that)

Old timers are up now some 3-400% on the story, but this baby will keep going whether on fundamentals or on the pure mania buying. Good times in the months ahead.