San Jorge press: reactivated only in the version biprovincial

The miner said it is betting that its production project can be divided between Mendoza and San Juan, as a "unique opportunity". A source at the company said they expect official clearance.

October 8, 201215:57

San Jorge press: reactivated only in the version biprovincialEnlarge Photo

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THE PORTAL sources reported that the Canadian subsidiary of Coro Mining in charge of the San Jorge Project, said that "the only way to revive the controversial venture lies in the adoption of its version biprovincial".

"At this point, the question has become quite simple. Already there are several alternatives in dance, but only one is left standing possibility: that copper is extracted in Mendoza and then processed in San Juan", confirmed elinversoronline . com a representative of the company to request to remain anonymous.  

According to him, this proposal-which was captured in the last dossier submitted to the Government-Mendoza is currently being analyzed in detail. "We know that the time is fine, but we are confident that we will end up giving authorities the nod. Should not have to do so," he added. 

After rethink their original plans, which did not take into account the fierce anti-mining resistance raised in Mendoza, the idea of ??Coro Mining is to extract the copper resource (not the gold) from the town of Uspallata Mendoza (Department of Las Heras) and transport it to through a railway line to be processed is conducted into a leaching plant in soil sanjuanino installed. 

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