Well, it certainly looks like the grind higher is definitely underway.  The physical demand remains strong with evidence coming from various global locations of tight supplies and high demand.  Line ups, growing delivery wait times are just the new norm when the global citizens realize that sub $1450,$1500,$1600 are all bargain prices.  More and more individuals are waking up and realizing that all that the information that  the  MSM churns out  in relation to precious metals is disingenuous at best and absolutely fraudulent at the worst.

Bsx has one of the best undeveloped projects in a mining friendly jurisdiction with an above avg. grade and a robust and growing resource.  I believe that we will be taken over by end of 2013?  I have skin in this game of 15% of my investable assets, so while I am a cheerleader I am also invested and this stock which is still at levels at less than half of the eventual take out price.  GLTA the longs and burn the shorts (if they don't realize whats coming they deserve to be fodder for the bonfire).