Since 1971 (when Nixon closed the gold window) the Dow Jones increased 15-fold and the dollar gold price increased 45-fold. What does this really mean?

The stock markets, economies, GDPs, increasing debt loads, and the financial industries are all corrupted and falsified. The Western economy has increasingly become a debt addict. Debt grows ever faster than the real economy.

The blatant falsifications of the financial industry served to hide the ongoing drama (debt/GDP). The entire financial industry doesn’t represent the economy and its over productive debt load any more. That’s why the Fed has to falsify financial industry paper gold to hide the evolving drama.

The entire world is now increasingly aware of the gigantic catch-22 we’re in. The economy and financial industry is rapidly losing appeal. The affinity for gold metal therefore grows intuitively.

Gold value (anti-debt) will rise faster than the economy and the financial industry. Those in the know will leave the existing system and will move closer and closer to gold – the wealth preserve metal. A very natural process (transition) that grows from intuition (animal spirits).

This transition is irreversible. The Fed knows this as no other (corrupt) governing body. The money system and regime will try to keep this drama hidden from public awareness. This will backfire later on, sooner rather than later.

CIGA Patrick FG