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Border Petroleum Corp V.BOR

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s):  BOPFF

Border Petroleum Ltd, formerly Border Petroleum Corp, is engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in Western Canada and Montana.
Price: $0.08 | Change: $-0.005 | %Change: -5.88%
Volume: 34,000 | Day High/Low: 0.08/0.08 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.25/0.035

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3 stars

If you love OIL stocks

Watch CRS.v CARDIFF ENERGY They are about to drill a huge well in Texas in an OIL producing zone. Buckle up as the float extremely tight on this one. Looking at a 400%-500% run  rate and reply
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hey, cashmoney fool....

There is no 8 cent bid this morning yet. You bragged about taking up all that was available, yet you don't have a bid? I told you, you need to bid to get shares, lol. Either you are full of it, or a...read more
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RE:RE:Put some more out there at .08 please

Thanks. I did Lam. Money in the bank.  rate and reply
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hey fool

If you want them you have to bid for them. That is how this works...lol. Didn't anyone tell ya? If you don't put in a bid you won't get any shares. try putting in a bid and maybe you will buy some...read more
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put in the bid fool

right now bid 7.5 ask 8.5. If you want them all like you say, why ain't you bidding 8 cents you moron. LOL What a fool.  rate and reply
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RE:Put some more out there at .08 please

Just checked, there is no 8 bid....so where is yours, you fool. Another liar, talking all about their trading. Who cares. At least be smart about it. If there is no bid at 8 cents stop saying you will...read more
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who cares moneymucker..lol

No one cares what you say you did last week, last month whatever. Anyone can claim they bought or sold at the high or low last week, last month. No one cares fool. If you have something interesting or...read more
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Put some more out there at .08 please

I'll take them. Can't anyone around here read a chart.  rate and reply
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What a dumb comment. I'm not even claiming to buy at the lows. I bought high and sold higher after bagholding for a bit. Instead of focusing on the content of my argument you're personally attacking...read more
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Of course you did, lol Bought at the low, sold at the high and will do it again. Of course we all know you are a liar...lol  rate and reply
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I can smell the weed from a mile away

After being sucked into this stock based on high volume from a month ago, I took my opportunity to dump for a profit today. But I reloaded some again at the end of the day because I expect this story...read more
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RE:RE:Balance sheets these last few years not looking good.

If you have a bit of luck there is alway a rare few stocks in the TSXV that will make it big and migrate to the TSX. BOR is far from being the rare few. imo. eom.  rate and reply
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Thanks ACE.  been watching this board.  I already know you are Serriosl777.  Just confirmed.  rate and reply
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Acelove is a scoundrel.

Watching that turd and following it like a bad smell.  rate and reply
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Of course u might follow border1 lol

If you didn't see that billion barrels as stupid as soon as you read it, then you don't know enuf about the sector. That huge number should be like...hold on, no way....it was such a stupid number you...read more
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too late? No The bulls are runnin'

The bull market could go for years sonny. Usually it is a multi year affair. What you see now could be a double in a few years. Too say it is too late is dumb and shows ignorance of the past bulls...read more
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Miss the bull market in energy? Suncor is already up 25% since April. Seems to me the big cap producers have already moved, a lot of the smaller ones have too. Buying them now is an overpay imo...read more
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Advance the company? That is not the plan. The execs are done here. It is not an operating company. It will not advance. They are trying to sell but only have a few crumbs that had any interest. They...read more
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RE:0.07c next week

We might not have to wait till next week..it could happen today ...lol...best to all  rate and reply
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Will open at .095 tomorrow

Just watch.  rate and reply