One of them is a Wise prosperous trader in the Vulture Exchange who seems to call it as it is :

Another one of them is a Slimy, Disgruntled, Jealous , Badlyraised Doormna who has 30 ent bag position in BOR paper.

result: TOTAL Anhialation of Doorkman, .... Neil has soundly defeated Doorkman,,, not even close. As I have as well.

Doorkman performance in the Bullboard mirroring one of a Minnow.

To Doorkman, we salute and wish him good luck with his putrid 30 cent Bag position in BOR paper and wish him luck in his beeating therapy.

To Neil we salute, Wise paper trader full of purpose and senses to call things as they are.

jd the professor has professed the truth