So tell us the “juicy rumors”.
I don’t believe for a minute that BOE has agreed to a cheap buyout.
BOE is currently checking out possible LEVERAGE options and possibility of getting some good cash from partial sale of the Peru project, to improve its negotiating leverage on the Shale.
… and BOE has enough cash for the next 6 months, which puts no pressure for a cheap buyout at this stage of the game
BOE could parcel up Los Toldos III + Los Toldos IV + 600,000 sub-basin acres + Loma Ranqueles (after well is drilled to secure the property) + Huacalera (after YPF secures its extension) for outright sale to raise a good chunk of cash, if it wanted to.
… that would be preferred over a cheap buyout, because the super-rich Los Toldos I/II properties could then be advanced with the cash obtained (first step would be to hook Los Toldos I to pipe)
… there are now LOTS of big oil/gas companies that want to get a good piece of the world’s richest Shale Oil/Gas basin, and that land package would definitely get lots of competing interest… its an attractive enough package to generate STRONG competing interest
But like I said… BOE is checking out all the possibilities for improving its Shale negotiating ability, before getting into any such auction.
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There are certainly a lot of good ingredients here for “juicy rumors”.
… BOE certainly has the “juicy ingredients”
… the services industry is building up its capacity nicely at Neuquen
… numerous interested oil/gas companies must be happy to see that
… Schlumberger said new technology is improving well productivity at the YPF/Chevron JV, and well costs continue to go down too
So what are the “juicy rumors” that got you back into BOE, Practicalguy?
… and feel free to comment on all the items I noted above