Another explanation is that Apache drilled on a local anticline between two faults on the BOE property and on the flank of the low on the MVN property.  In my opinion, Apache picked the best location they could on BOE's property.  I think they chose where they did on MVN's property to be close to the BOE well so they would have a potential development area.

What Apache did was significantly different from what BOE did at Totoral.  BOE drilled in the lowest point of a bowl.

We should know soon since they are in week 10 of testing and the LT2 well took 12 weeks.  Of course if there is no news for a while, it is probably just BOE trying to keep it secret.  I am sure Ardvark will bring up the secret thing again, despite the fact that it violates securities laws and the fact that BOE owns the entire sub basin, so there is no competitive advantage.  Logic doesn't seem to play a role when you are a true believer.