I would agree that this is not the usual for a news release. It did come off  sounding like a rant and they probably should have led with the target and drilling information. 

That being said, there may be some method in their madness because most retail investors have no clue how much this game has changed and how difficult it is for any resource explorer to operate under these conditions. The investor relations phone probably never stops ringing with calls from disgruntled share holders, who's only investment research is their minute by minute check of the stock price. There are forces at work in the markets that have nothing to do with investing, but rather seek to squeeze money out of the system in any way they can, legal or illegal.  With computer trading and high speed direct connections to the markets, there is no transaction, company or platform that will escape their attention, and that includes BMK.

As for those who don't think that every commodity, contract, rate, price, bond or stock on the planet, are being manipulated in some way, then you are too naive to be investing.