Agreed Ridgeback. That is an excellent article. One of the better reads I have had in a while about the junior sector. The only issue I have is that the key word here is ARTICLE. This should have been two seperate writeups. One writeup being the news release with strictly facts about the upcoming drill program and their intended targets and goals moving forward. Everything and anything to do with future plans and current status of the drilling the program would be great. The second writeup should have been about the junior sector in Canada. Don't get me wrong, the article about it is excellent. It states reasons there are problems with the junior sector and then backs up the statements with facts. However, it's not a very good news release when you have to read the drill program facts at the very end of the article. If anything, it should have been the other way around with the drill program outlined first, then the sob story about the junior sector.


I agree that the junior sector has been beaten to a pulp. I get what you are saying alberta_canada1, but I don't think we are sitting idle. When you haven't hit the resource yet and you've spent your money, there's not a lot you can do until you get more financing.


It's nice to see a bunch of posts following the news release. It's good to see we have a pulse on this BB, and great to see different opinions both positive and negative. IMO good/great/amazing drill results will dictate where we go from here. $0.10/$0.30/$0.50/$1.00? Who knows but hopefully the company is confident for a reason.