Hi ardtole. Glad to hear from a Minco shareholder from abroad.


You are probably aware of this but here's a recap of what MIO is doing with their cash.


$1.000.000 for an option on a dd on the Manganese deposit.

$1,000,000 to buy 15 million shares of BMC at 0.065.

$1,250,000 to drill the Woodstock Manganese deposit

$750,000. for a PEA on the Manganese deposit.

$8,000,000 to drill and for a PFS on the Lundberg base metals project.

Total : $12,000,000


They are spending $1,000,000 on the grassroot lead/zinc project in the pennines.

Do you really think it is this project that is moving MIO higher on 20,000,000 shares traded over the past 10 days?


jmo pep