Yeah....its been a little tough not having any sort of update or even an updated presentation on the BLK website.

There doesn't seem to be any rush for the exits just yet but we will always be the last to know.

Couple of things....

* Bernum hearing on November 27, 2012 additional drill sights not yet known what the decision is. I believe BLK is a partner in these too.

*Well #1, until I see in a news release that it was in fact a dud, I will wait for official word.

* Not known if 2nd well completions underway or not

* Land sale today....results not posted yet....maybe they were bidding?

* Bernum Petroleum is the operator and also private so unfortunately BLK has to wait for Bernum for notification and guidance.

* Bernum has been up for sale so there could possibly be some action there causing a delay. If the wells prove to be fruitful Bernum's asking price will go up. With the recent acquisition by Pengrowth of producing properties from Equal and the Petrobakken equity stake in Triol, not to mention the request for a Strategic alternatives review process of Trioil, maybe Bernum is Holding off to see what transpires?

* the third well that bernum is waiting on a decision for is adjacent to a section that Bancroft Oil and Gas owns. They paid $4315.00 / Ha or 1.1 mil for that section. Yikes