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Pacific Booker Minerals Inc. Announces Morrison Sockeye Salmon
Historically Artificially Propagated
Vancouver BC, December 10, 2012: The Company is providing information that the Morrison Lake
Sockeye Salmon stock was historically enhanced by the Babine Salmon Hatchery which operated from
1907 to 1936.
The Babine Salmon Hatchery was established in 1907 on Morrison Creek, one kilometer below the
outflow of Morrison Lake. The Babine Salmon Hatchery operated until 1936, when it was shut down
due to government cutbacks. In its first year of operation, the Babine Salmon Hatchery released 4.6
million fry.
Built with an 8 million annual sockeye egg capacity, the Babine Salmon Hatchery released a total of
170.9 million sockeye fry into the Morrison Watershed during its 28 years of operation. An additional
5.5 million fertilized eggs and 25 million “fingerlings” or yearlings were released.
Eggs were obtained primarily from Morrison Creek and supplemented intermittently with eggs
obtained from the Babine River, Fulton River, Morrison Lake, Pierre Creek, Pinkut Creek, Tachek Creek
and Tahlo Creek as well as from Stuart Lake located in the Fraser River Watershed. In 1928, the
Stuart Lake Hatchery’s entire egg collection from Pierre and Pinkut creeks was transferred to the
Babine Lake Hatchery.
The references the Company received its information from was the “LBN Salmon Spawning Report
2010’ and the “Transfers of Eggs and Young of Pacific Salmon Within BC, Department of Fisheries and
Oceans, March 1979, Fisheries and Marine Service Technical Report No. 861”. An excerpt from the
“LBN Salmon Spawning Report 2010’, titled “Babine Salmon Hatchery” is available at the following link
on our website:

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