I think most realize it is a difficult market to raise funds in. What I take issue is the way this stock has been promoted, Strarting with David Johnston carrying around a big shinny rock from the international. Then it took them a very long time to put out the bad results from the drilling on the interantional. Its almost as it they were holding back the info. Some make references to ZEN when talking about RBW's graphite property. I also own ZEN and it is a rare "vein" deposit and RBW is flake when are plentiful. Also ZEN's management is very shareholder friendly. I am not sure I can say the same about ZEN. Maybe if Johnston asks a relevant graphite play nicely then will give him a sample he can wander around aimlessly with as he promotes the graphite play like the did with the international silver play. Retail who were burned by BKT (SD)  backers took it upon themselves to go on the BKT board and educate potential investors about the possible consequences about investing in BKT and they made a difference against the pumpers with multiple aliases. Maybe it is time those who lost money on various bad BMR picks do the same on their next "great" can't miss pick. Sometimes there is satisfaction knowing you save someone from making the same mistake and giving them the benefit of learned experiences. ALL IMHO  GLTA