I am not bashing the company and I have no intention of sitting idly by while I see actions in the market place and shortcomings in numerous areas and not talk about them.

As you probably can tell I am none too happy with the movement of our share price.  And I also believe management has shot itself in the foot by over promoting on some properties.  but in fairness I will acknowledge that no one is perfect and setbacks do happen in this type of industry.

I have a major stake in this company and I'm going to call a spade a spade.  I don't care who is offended because I believe in complete honesty and transparency is in our best interest.

As for these goofy letter writers and boiler room touts, I have even less respect for those vermin.  Aside from what you may think their in it for themselves and no one else.

Explorers like RBW already have a ****load of negatives going against them in the market place and I intent to point out those grievous events and issues.   And one issue I'm pointing out is even with all the pumping is taking place the share price is not responding........why is that.  Is there something we don't know?  You tell me.

True to your word we also have some very promising areas to be optimistic about but these are very long term projects and people try to make them sound like quick fireworks and magic will happen quickly when its completely untrue. 

Make no bones about it, this is a brutal market sector and burying ones head in the sand and acting as if nothing is wrong will not serve anyone in a positive way.

In fairness I could be A bit more positive in a general sense and I will try to be.  Thanks for engaging the discussion in a respectful manner.  Much appreciated.