" If they manage to drill some high grades, well then, I would say we are off to the races."


Good lord,

Will you people stop trying to pump this thing.  There is nothing different about this company than 2,000 other moose pasture hope and a dream ventures. 

There are literally dozens, if not 40 to 50 super valuable mid-tier and major producer's in the world that have millions of ounces of gold and silver that can't get out of their own way stock price wise.  Their dead in the water and this current mining market is dead in the water.

These are companies with the best management in the sector, the best resources in the sector, the best balance sheets in the sector and they still are not making money for their shareholders.  Complete stagnation of stock prices.

So please just stop with this incessant pumping of an explorer that is so far from having anything of value that it defies logic. 

Bottom line is this and 99% of every other explorer around is nothing but a pipe dream.  A dilution mechanism to keep management with a paycheck coming in.

Outside of moronic Gov Bond investors, there are no more diluted and delusional group as those that call themselves resource sector investors.