"Can't complain about a stock that's showing some upward pressure"


What upward pressure?

Its still following the 15 cent trading pattern. Get to 15 and its instant market sell orders showing up and bids instantly dry up. The only reason it went up 2 cents to 17 in the last 2 days was due to late day buys on both days to push it over 15, but today it got killed right off the back and the bid and ask are below 15 all day again. Nothings changed.

The ask and the bid have been moving in tandem together for well over a month. Its like whoever is on the bid is also on the ask. Pure spec on my part, but the two move togther way too often.

This is going nowhere without news, regardless of what the market does in that time. Its been capped for the time being. Hope that changes, but I've seen this type of trading way too often in the past.