Heirs, long time no see :-) so you have left the GB board and moved to BW instead. You will not get your 3D back with only Y2K in BW. Maybe there is still hope for GB, 2.6Moz Au isn't bad at all. -Stiffest
I wouldn't touch GB with a ten foot pole. Apparenlty I'm not the only one who feels that way either, based on the poor market reaction to their announcement about uping the  43-101 to 2.6 oz I&I . Unless there was a change in the management I wouldn't even consider buying one share in that mess. There's lots of time and plenty of opportunities to make money with RBW. Unlike GBB, it is not a one trick pony and it has excellent management to boot. Even the boys at BMR don't care for how GBB has been managed. Listen Steffmeister if you want me back on the GBB board just invite me and let the pumpers know what you did. I'd gladly come back and rack up another 30 or 40 ignores. This is the last thing I'll say about GBB on the RBW board. Smart investors won't touch that company until they at least announce their next financing. Really smart investors would skid GBB and come straight over to RBW.
Cheers nice to hear from you.