ERIC SROTT'S SECURITY PACKAGE?has been is investing in BGM shares for 20 years. He believes the largest GOLD BACKED WOLVERINE in Canada is about to be found up on BGM'S claims and he is now moving heaven and earth (OH, and pouring GOLD DORE BARS to prove it.) YOU as a BASHER(DEAD DONKEY) only have until November 22nd to be of any further use to accumulating shareholders with all your chronic meddling (negativity on all things Barkerville). Those of us invested will not heed your comments as we have tolerated the smell so long ,we welcome you as we know we have to,and drag you along until the day of SNOWDENS UPDATE TO THE 43-101 THAT WILL ACCEPTED BY THE BCSC- DECLARING THE LARGEST GOLD DISCOVERY IN CANADA.(AHHH I LIKE IT WHEN IT'S SNOWING)$$$$