August 14, 2012 - 1:10am

Report is out, though not easily accessible.  Topline (quoting from a poster at Stockhouse bullboards):

Cow Mountain with 10-5-2 Top Cap -- 4.2 Mllion oz Indicated

and -- 3.2 Million oz inferred

Total ---- 7.4 Million oz with Cap

So he applied a cap, and still hit 7.4 million ounces.  Down 37% from 10.6, but comments that he doesn't think a capped approach is appropriate.  Regardless, 7.4 million ounces on only 10% of the total property is a great resource, and certainly worth more than the $1.22 it closed at today.

Supposedly it's 2900 pages.  Wow.

Hang onto your takeover bid caps, boys, I think we're heading up!