July 9, 2012 - 2:55pm


The warrants at $0.85 may still be clearing out, adding downward pressure.  The warrants at $1.10 won't pressure until it goes back above $1.10, but I would assume we'll see resistance around $1.20 because of that.

Massive blogosphere traffic on this stock, so the high volume is not too surprising.

As far as Otto, he appears pretty biased, though I'm not sure why.  I've seen a few more balanced postings since him.  I like hearing the downsides and risks, but sure seems like Otto (along with Cook and Hennigh) are piling on criticism without facts.  I much prefer some of the commentary like this one:  Doesn't bash, doesn't pump, just lays out some history and the possibility of good and bad.

Anyway, solid day so far today, hopefully we have a gradual climb over the warrants, over the doubts, and up to a decent overall valuation.  I'd love to see $40-50/ounce range, and would expect that to happen once the full report is released, assuming it isn't full of holes.