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Irksome wrote: Mill is currently not operating.  Expecting to be pouring gold again by end of May (yes, 2014).


Without going into the historical reliability of IR's pronouncements, perhaps we can move on to the mill shutdown

Presumably, all of the 16,000 tonnes of QR ore has gone through the QR mill, ...

I specifically asked if there was any stockpiled ore remaining at the mill, and after checking with someone, Tim told me that because they have not publicly disclosed the quantity of stockpiled ore they could not answer the question.  Of course, had they answered, the answer could be 0, which would make your calculations valid, or it could be non-0, which would make them all invalid.  

Maybe some day they will disclose the information.  But he did confirm that no ore has been trucked down from BL, and that the plan was to do so once the roads were re-opened.  I think it is possible that there could be 0 ore left, AND BL ore could be delivered prior to the end of the month, AND they resolve the mill shutdown issues, such that they could pour gold from BL ore by the end of May, but that seems like an awful lot that would need to go just right to make it happen.


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Julty 5, 2012.

Are you still believing that it's not aal a complete farce? TIA

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A halt would seem extremely premature until the actual report is released for review.  Is that often done?

Just because something is hard to believe doesn't mean it isn't true.  Doesn't mean it is, either.  Seems like quite a few bashers are quick to call the facts suspect when they are not in possession of the facts...

I have a vested interest in a positive outcome, so I AM biased, but it sure seems like the bashers are lacking facts.  No matter what, the geologist and his firm have put themselves on the line with this HUGE finding, I guess I have a hard time believing it's a complete farce.  And even a revision of 50% would still be HUGE.

The next couple weeks should be fun to watch...