halcro wrote:
yaponski wrote:
TMX Quotes for BGM wrote:
Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. (BGM)
Market: CDN Consolidated
$ 0.37 
May 7, 2014, 1:39 PM EDT
Change: -0.04 (-9.76%)
Volume: 286,685

I don't even hear the whimmpering of the gutted longs?

Where, oh, where are the BBoS, Bre-X, Duds, etc.?

When the times get tough...they always get off the board.

The BBoS crew are no doubt only posting on the private forum. In tough times like today, the BBoS crew no doubt slip back into reviewing the gold production by quarter produced by the BBoS paper gold spreadsheet.

And why not. They are the strong hands that will hold shares right down to the pennies. Because they have experienced the rapture contained the BBoS spreadchit.

While we might be in for a summer long grinding down to nothing of the gold juniors, I expect there will also be a few sparks flying when the BC Highways department lifts the road load restrictions and everyone starts expecting news on the reopening of QR mill processing BL ore.

Of course, we need to remember that there might well be a delay in adjusting QR mill to do reasonable extractions on BL ore.  Or is BL ore going to be a toughy to process? I suspect that it might not be trival, since the BL deposit is mostly at surface in an old brown field area, so the fact that it hasn't been processed suggests that the ore just might be a challenge to mill. Time will tell, assuming we ever get a proper news release on current status....