Aweel, while it's good smoke, the same smoke blown into one oriface and blown out of another oriface (even it it is BigBagO's sphincter to Armchair's sphincter and vice versa) can't blow away the fact that the Chief Inspector of Mines isn't in the oriface to oriface circle ...and he calls the shots.

Regurgitating and retweaking 2005 to 2011 reasseys don't do nothing for nobody but the spin doctors: THE CASH AND SPROTT NUTS ARE IN THE HERE AND NOW (as are the cease-mining and -milling orders).

Yaponski...what do you think the chances are for putting together a $25 million financing  for a company which isn't mining, isn't milling, seemingly isn't compliant and which has shed 45 per cent since the last undersubscribed  PP was announced?