There are always two cost fixed and variable.

The fixed are the cost of the tailing ponds roads and site preparation. Plus a number of one time charges. Reclaimation charges etc.

The second is the variable cost. The vartable cost is running around 1,000 per ounces. The cost of natural gas electricity. These cost happen only when we mill. The higher the g per ton the lower the variable cost and vice versa.

We are looking about a month before our first pour. BGM is going to have to start from a dead stop and ramp up the mill. There will be teething problems and associated difficulties.

Once the issue are iron out we will start production and the next phase will be the drilling and blasting at BL and creating a sufficient amount  fo material to be available for shipping.  I am hoping April or May.

Timing will be essential and the cost for moving the material are all front end loaded. The gold production needs a lot of money and it will take awhile before the benefit occur.

The higher the gold price the quicker the benefit occur. 

This is just one of the mnay upcoming events. The biggest being when is the 43-101 going to happen. It currently in the hands of the outside consultants and as seen last time took awhile and cost a lot of money.