So lets examine the NR possibilities and the potential frequency as we march through spring:
Possible content;
- the 28000 cores
- production updates
- BL mining updates
Lests start with that list.
*- NR on the assays have been sluggish at best, however, the target was to have Acme complete all cores by end of feb [likely wishfull thinking]...can we say one NR every 12 days or so...make it 14 days.
*- Now if I recall last tiem the mill ran, Gold dore bars were to be produced roughly every 5 days (someone correct me if Im wrong), so in a 2 week span we could see 2 NR [if BGM were to NR each batch]....
*- BL will need  blasting, stockpiling, possibly ore sorting, transporting...

So we could see:

3 NR every 14 days....and this could continue until the cores and BL milling are all spring and into summer...!

Now with cash flow comes drilling...and depending on # of rigs etc:
*- add another NR every 14 days or so...

Now potentially up to 4 NR every 2 weeks....not including OTHER random news.

Now BGM may not NR every item as listed above, but they certainly could, and will have plenty of opportunity to communicate to us wouldnt that be a statement [keeping shareholders informed]...NICE!

Perhaps we should have a NR frequency contest...[er, no just kidiing]...