"Did Snowden drill results confirm selection bias?"

That's perhaps a bit harsh, YP.

The June 28, 2012, release was seemingly attributed to Geoex by BGM in its news release. This was tempered considerably in the July 7, 2012, news release by the company, which was itself not supported by an authorization letter signed by Geoex (and neither was the June 28, 2012, BGM news release).

The SEDAR-filed Geoex report of Agust 13, 2012, did not contain the ounces released by BGM, yet was attributed to Geoex.

If the twinned holes drilled under the supervision of Snowgen were "dusters", that can hardly be held against Geoex as it's unlikely that the original holes were drilled under Geoex's supervision.

Snowden would be unlikely to apportion blame, as they were likely hired to create a resource estimate...come what may, but based on verifiable data.


Int'l Wayside resuming at the open June 30

2000-06-29 19:00 ET - Resume Trading

 The exchange's review of the company's activities determined a number of breaches of the exchange's timely disclosure and investor relations and promotional policies including the dissemination of misleading and overly promotional information and the distribution of news release information prior to proper dissemination by acceptable news disseminators. The company has now taken steps to correct these practices and has strengthened its board of directors and corporate governance procedures . For further information please refer to the company's news release in Stockwatch June 28, 2000.


2000-06-13 17:46 ET - Miscellaneous


Further to the Canadian Venture Exchange bulletin in Stockwatch May 19, 2000, the exchange provides the following update with respect to the status of the trading halt in the shares of International Wayside Gold Mines Ltd. The exchange has been in contact with the company on a regular basis since the initiation of the trading halt, and has extensively discussed with the company the nature of the issues and concerns identified by the exchange. The exchange is working with the company to resolve these issues so that trading may resume. Unresolved issues include the company's projections of economic viability of its current inferred resource, the mining expertise of management, and the company's investor relations and disclosure practices. The exchange is currently waiting for a status report from the company on the implementation of corrective measures. Once received, this information will be assessed to determine if the company has made sufficient progress to warrant a resumption of trading.