"I believe they will complete the job they've been assigned to do."

And what is it exactly that Snowden et al have been assigned to do? In the 347 days since the BCSC issued the July 4, 2012, comment letter, the company has never released to the public what the BCSC was commenting about.


And the company has never released what was contained in the latest BCSC comment letters, either

Only Snowden et al and the company are privvy to exactly what BGM hired Snowden et al to do.

I can presume that the company hopes that Snowden et al will produce a report that is acceptable to the BCSC. That should be a slam dunk for Snowden et al, as they do it all the time (that's why they get hired). However, BGM also seems to wrap the Snowden et al reports in a "comprehensive response letter".

Were Snowden et al hired to produce and vet BGM's "comprehensive response letter.".? Doubtful and, if not, then Snowden et al will have completed their task and the ball is in the company's court...to either either score with or to fumble.

You see, 2guys, you seem to constantly choose to forget that the June 28, 2012, news release which triggered the CTO, much hilarity and a huge spike in volume does exist. It still exists, in all its glory, on websites belonging to the company and one of its paid advisors. That report stuck in the craw of the BCSC and it's likely still sticking in the craw of the BCSC...353 days later.

I'd guess that it isn't going to go away (and the CTO, too, isn't going to go away) until BGM makes it go away. Not Snowden or Apex, as they weren't involved with it, and likely not Geoex, as about half of the news release gold wasn't there in the August 13, 2012, SEDAR-filed Geoex report.

You still can't grasp what is being said when I paraphrase Gary Jones of the National Post, "you can't write up what doesn't exist"...even if the company and one of it's paid advisors still make the content available online.