funny that one, I bought some shares last July quitely on the advice of Cobalt, I have since written them off, is what it is.  If it turns out great, I maybe get my money back, I HIGHLY doubt there will be a good outcome.  A long CTO and suspension like this I have no recent memory of anything but a very bad result in terms of price, if we ever trade again. 

And once again, I repeat there is nothing new here, as usual, I expect the company line to read we are working hard, we are doing lots of things behind the scenes, we are days not weeks, for sure next week.  Usually if that were true, well they would back it up with concrete writtin updates of what is being accomplished, what needs to be addressed, and so forth. 

I tend to think the company is trying to retract its news of last June and the BCSC and TSE are not allowing them to do that at this point.