Is it official/ Is there a take-over offer on the table?


At the bgm private member board, BigBags intimates that SNL Inc’s CEO Michaels and an exploratory crew headed up by Bryant, McKinnon and Meyers spent four days last week examining historical content, poring over website reports to determine if the in-situ gold is worth the price.

BB says the answer is, “yes, there’s a veritable gold mine of useable material, enough to carry SNL Inc through the 2013-2014 season, with a carry-ever to fall of 2014."

Unfortunately, the best material's provenance is uncertain, with ownership of residual rights and royalties difficult to determine. SNL Inc, before it can make a firm offer, needs to contact certain stakeholders.


One of the most valuable properties (the nugget-filled snow-shovelling monologues) is claimed by the agent for the "little gal", the company's official photographer, and the IR crew, with no credit or compensation offered to the artistic creator, one "cabsav".

SNL Inc requests that "cabsav" or his agent contact them immediately as time is of the essence.

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