"Don't know why people need to make things up, or why they need to post when they were never a shareholder to begin with, but I guess to each his own."


Yes, indeedy, 2guys...please remember that.


"Maybe you should ask yourselves why some traders who were caught with a short position, had to petition the Canadian courts to enable them to cover their shorts on the OTC BB."


“Some traders”, “them” and “their” are words which signify plurality. There has been one singular shareholder who petitioned the BCSC to cover one 100,000 short position on the OTCBB.


Inasmuch as the individual likely shorted on or above $1.60 back in the giddy days when BGM was trading, then covering his short for about $89,200 (U.S.) in the eight trading days on and after March 11, 2013, when the USD was down about two cents to the CAD, meant that the cost of covering his $160,000 short was about $87,400 before commissions.


Inasmuch as he had about$80,000 tied up to cover his short, then he made out like a bandit... in excess of $70,000 for having $80,000 tied up for about eight month.


And if he had gold stocks marginned to cover the short, then he didn’t have to worry about them being sold to cover a margin call in the post-February gold meltdown.


A very astute investor, hmmm, 2guys? And you can be sure that he’s not here boring people silly with inane commentary, right?


Don’t you realize how much second-hand smoke damages your reasoning process, 2guys? Back to the private forum for a recharge, right?