evilballs:  Re: "When you got multiple placer operations taking 30 plus ounces a week every summer all the way down to Bowrn Lakes... come on now... the gold is everywhere."

To your point:

"According to wikipedia, in the Barkerville trend, 'it is estimated that placer gold in excess of 2 million ounces was captured in the area during the 19th Century,' so posted Vestedinterest 7/8/2012.  "Almost half of all the placer gold ever produced in British Columbia came from the creeks" in the Barkerville & Quesnel Forks sections, see page 189 of N.L. Barlee's book: "Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns.  I liked Vested's post so much, I saved it.  I hope he's still with us.   If I may quote him again:

"BGM is drilling the mountains, gulches, veins and the trend running straight through this rich historical placer area.  It is particularly noteworthy that these areas that have been identified as gold deposits are immediately above these rich placer areas.  Placer gold does not stray far from its source.  Logically, there must be far more than 2 million ounces above the creek beds that have produced the placer gold."