First I do not agree with management decisions I the past. I bought well before this report came out. Heard the news great. BCSC comes down on it and gives 45 days to produce. We all had plenty of time to get out before the report came out but we didn't. I'm long your short, I don't know if BGM wanted a CTO but I'm somewhat glad we have it. There's no telling where it would be with the likes of you and the rest of the fat cat manipulators out there. Now we have in my opinion a solid report from multiple qualified geos who know how to write 43-101's and have done so in the past for many reputable companies. What really upset me was when the geo from snowden came done for 2 weeks to discuss the report. That should have been it. Ask your questions now face to face. Get them answered. But Ivor leaves and The BCSC wants more clarification on may 9th. That smells funny to me. That's what I asked holland