Cobalt, I am not questioning the competency of Snowden.  I was only stating that perhaps they had been writing more JORC type reports then say 43-101.  Got in the mode.  FWIW, I know PG can do a bang up job, just look at the report he did for Rubicon.  AS Stated before, his filed report for BGM was no where in the league of what he did for BGM.... NO Where.


As far as Brent Cook.  He probably has the most successful newsletter with regards to picking Junior stocks over the last 5 -10 years.  He doesn't take pay for what he writes about, he tells his subscribers that he is going to sell before he does sell so they have a chance to get out when he does, he actually understands what he is writing about and is a decent guy when you get to know him.  HE was also correct about the P/R and the Report that BGM released.  I could go on and on.  Many here think his comments during the press release where to early.  Well as he stated, there where glaring facts that didn't add up.


Again, I don't think my criticism is misplaced.  Look at what BGM has done over the last ten years.  I Don't think I have ever seen such a mis managed project in my life.  How many millions spent?  OVER $100 million?  And just now doing resource estimates....


Why do I post?   HMMMM.