as i will in bgm, and the only reason its taken so long is because we got the goods, jist hope frank dont sell us out as maher and chorbany did over at the magina mined, i in wawa, used to run that route on the lakers, run pulp out a marathon to green bay, we had our oun ship thier , the dc everests, and the yancanuck outs, the soui, down to, windsor, with thier little private ship, but , my god they were good jobs, we didnt even have to put up with, the weather, in the engineroom, unltil it became summer, then ya couldnt stand the heat, and would, end up, gettin all drunked up in port, somewhere,and say ,old man put my time in, im goin home, those were the days, lmao, and i dont regret any of it cause it was nice country, bc was nice too, espeically rivers inlets, now thier was a true, nature trip, an old cougar hound wakin ya up in the morning, 2 german sheppards, thier to greet ya win ya fueld up, ya hada drink the latex milk up thier, but still better then powedred kreenoo, wen ya was a kid, great ,great hunting mike, hope wee got the goods and, we get a fair shake, roddy, ttyl