"halcro, you want to restart valuation game."


Well, MAo, which had a board changeover at about the time BGM got its CTO (July 19 for Mao, August 13 fpr BGM), has gone from $2.80 to 60 cents.


MAO, with a strong management team and a great board of directors, has picked up a mill and additional properties, did a financing recently at 91 cents, and has loans and lines of credit place, had this to say about its mill and property acquisition, "Moreover, in addition to having an important land position of 144,000 hectares (1,440 square kilometres) in the Northern Volcanic zone of the Abitibi greenstone belt of Quebec, Maudore is also inheriting a highly talented work force capable of developing its resources."

MOA released a Ni 43-101 on May 6, 2013, which didn't trigger hoots of disbelief and a CTO/suspension.


BGM, CTO'd for the last 10 months, has to release its February 28, 2013, year-end, audited financials by June 28, 2013, which will surely be well in advance of the shares being cleared to trade. They'll be ugly, and will reveal how much gold BGM didn't process last year; how much was spent on admin and overhead...and will cut through the BS like a hot knife through butter.

I'll stick with 30 cents one week after the commencment of trading.