"Could it be that there might be people who do not want the report out because they have large short position, people who are in goverment, and mining regulator persons?"

Mollet, that comment puts you way out in front in the race for the Mental-Midget-of-the-Month coffee mug.

Without the content of the June 28, 2012, report being verified, there's no way that the CTO will be lifted without a public retraction of the June 28 release and a general purging of the company website (and just imagine what the investing public and the BCSC will do when that news hits the fan, especially inasmuch as, even if the CTO is lifted, the TSX.V suspension will still be in place). Talk about priming the dump, lol!! 

Without the CTO/suspension being lifted, there's no way that the TSX.V will initiate its review of the company's position to see if it qualifies for relisting and trading.

The big short position is on the TSX.V (the OTCBB shorts were cleared up in April). Until the TSX.V clears BGM for trading, there is no pressure for shorts to be covered and, IMO, the seeming impossibility of the company to support the June 28 10.6 million and 90 million ounce figures (half had vanished in the Geoex August 13 report)...coupled with the meltdown in gold-mining stocks and the POG...means that the share price will likely settle back into the 30's within a few days if it ever trades again.

Surely you're not suggesting that Mike Duffy couldn't repay his Senate expenses because he's got his cash tied up in a BGM short position?