and there is "nothing new" here till we get the long awaited news, I share this for your holiday reading (a copy of a post I made in response to a question on the TMG BB ...

Practical solutions on how we MIGHT move from a hopelessly corrupted economic model to (for the first time in a long time ... in our lifetime for sure) democratic money - the money supply under the control of democratically elected governments as opposed to a privately owned central bank(ster) cartel - are part of the message and discussion at 2 of the best sites on the problem ... and .

It is highly unlikely that the elegant solutions being developed to transit from an anti-human economic model to democratic money in the service of all humanity will happen without the current system crumbling to the ground, and a very difficult period for humanity. This is especially true if the typical first response to having the big lie exposed is 'How can I protect my butt?', as opposed to 'How can I participate in the awareness revolution which will end the banksters bloody debt enslavement of humanity?'

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think your question really is (based on your post) 'How can I cover my arze and protect my wealth?' Of course we all have a right and duty (for family, etc.) to do that, but it won't fix the problem.

There are many groups with a clear awareness of the corrupted economic model who offer stategies to protect and prosper in the coming months ... I am not recommending any personally, but I will provide you and other TMGers some of the sites I am aware of ...

The links in the cut and paste below are dead, but his one will introduce you to a program G.Edward Griffin recommends, and if you know this man (author of one of the great books on "the money con, The Creature from Jekyl Island - A new look at The Federal Reserve, which has just been made available through Kindle and Apple) you will respect his integrity, intelligence and recommendations
We saw how fast the 'phase one' of the collpase happened in 2008 ... "Phase Two" could begin tomorrow for all we know, but it is INEVITABLEY coming ... fiat currencies' days are numbered!! WRT to my TMG investment, I am just hoping to see a quarter before the terds hit the fan ... I'll finish with an intro to G.Edward's via a recent email to "unfiltered News" subscribers ... You're a bright guy CYS ... it would be great to have you 'stumping' for the fundamental economic reforms required to restore sanity to our world!
Are you ready for phase two
of the monetary collapse?

Ready or not, it has begun

By G. Edward Griffin ( )

If you have been following the stories we publish in Unfiltered NEws (sign up for this weekly newsletter at the site above), you are aware that the monetary systems of the United States and many other countries are in crisis because money in the modern world no longer is based on gold or silver (which limits the amount that can be placed into circulation). Instead, it is based on loans issued by banks to governments and private parties, and the only limit to the amount that can be put into circulation is the willingness of governments and private parties to go into debt – which is not much of a limit, especially when governments and their politically favored corporations have no expectation of having to repay if they use the money unwisely, knowing that their tabs eventually will be covered by taxpayers. Consequently, the amount of money in circulation keeps growing and growing while its purchasing power gets smaller and smaller.

This process has been going on for decades. In the United States, it began in full force during World War I and has been accelerating ever since. Until recently, the inflationary effect of that process was dulled by two forces: (1) a high level of American productivity, which injected new goods and services into the economy to partially offset the increase in available money, and (2) the global demand for American dollars as the reserve currency of the world. Americans sent their paper dollars overseas, and received cars, refrigerators, clothes, and other manufactured goods in return, so they were spared the crushing inflation that would have befallen them if all the money has stayed at home.

All of that is rapidly coming to an end. American industry has been moved to other countries, so productivity is no longer a factor, and other countries increasingly are turning to competing currencies to replace the dollar as the reserve currency of the world. Much more could be said about this change in monetary reality, but the bottom line is that America (and many other major countries) are broke, are hopelessly in debt, have taxed and regulated their economies into stagnation, continue to borrow money even at greater levels than before, and are totally unwilling to reverse this process. We have entered Phase Two of the economic collapse, which means there is every reason now to believe it will run its full course. In fact, it already has begun.

So, what can be done? Several months ago, I told our subscribers about an investment advisory program produced by the Success Council that, in my opinion, was one of the best – if not the best – answer to that question. We were stunned by the positive response. People from all over the world, not just the United States, signed up for the program, and the favorable comments we received were far beyond expectation. One of the reasons is that it is the only program of its kind that deals, not just with the money side of the problem, but also with the political and social sides. In other words, it includes important information relating to solving this economic crisis instead of just profiting from it. To me, that is even more important than money issues because, if the system in which we live is allowed to slide all the way into totalitarianism, it will make no difference how much money we have. The totalitarians will take it all.

Encouraged by the response to its first program (which is still under way), the Success Council has created a new and more condensed version for those with limited time. It does not include information about restoring the system to prosperity and freedom, nor does it cover the areas of real estate, inventories, and business investments, but it does cover the most popular of the investment options – gold and silver – which is what most people want to know about first. We hope that everyone who signs up for this new program eventually will want to learn about the other options as well, but
this is a sensible and affordable way to get started.

I urge you to watch the free video featured in this email, which explains the new program in detail. Even if you decide not to accept the offer, you will be amply rewarded for your time by the excellent tips that are included in the video. Here are a few of them:

1. Learn about the number-one mistake people make when investing in gold or silver. 87% of investors make this mistake, and it could wipe them out.

2. Learn how to legally purchase gold or silver bullion, take physical delivery, and leave no record of your purchase.

3. Learn why and how to own physical gold or silver in at least four countries.

There are many more tips in the formal program, but these, alone, are worth your time to watch this free video.

Visit the Success Council's gold and silver program here.

G. Edward Griffin