I've had enough of basher bashing - it's a little addictive, kinda fun, but I'm getting dirty playing in their sandbox so I am putting the 3 stooges (and wannabee stooges) on ignore finally. I collected most of my 60 ignores for irritating ostriches (not annoying mature people with my basher bashing) ... sharing stuff like this ... 

All Wars Are Banker Wars


and this ... why is the world ensnared in a www.webofdebt.com

Humans squabbling over petty trash (like the kids on this board - gulity) is exactly what THEY want ... keeps us from uniting to eradicate the real scourge of our precarious times ... Psychopaths littering the coridoors of power and infecting society with their sickness ...


Hope the more thoughtful readers here will benefit from the above info, share it, and be motivated to constructive action (sharing is a good start).

So Halcorrupt, Scabsaver, SpecialEdBoy, TurnipBrain et al ... if and when you get a life I hope it is a good one ... Ciao!

Word is the report is going back to the BCSC by tomorrow ...

Peace and out