IMO, I believe that the real holdup with the BCSC in approving the 43-101 is the blue sky potential that BGM insists included in the report. I think we would be trading long ago if this was not the issue. BGM's board wants the potential ounces included( anywhere 20-100 miliion) and the BCSC says prove it. The potential number of ounces of gold is an educated guess extrapolated from the possible 22 km  geological stiike line. The QP's may be right and chances are there is a pot full of gold there but no real proof. BGM wants that potential in the report to improve the sale price to a potentail buyer without incurring the expense and time of drilling it all out. I don't think it is to our advantage to drag this whole matter out ad infinitum.  I think we just add mistrust and insecurity. I think most investors would like to just jetson their shares and invest elsewhere. Again just my opinion. Thoughts?