What a coincidedence!!! Bralorne is BPM and Barkerville is BGM. How delighfully apropos. You don't figure that the BCSC has a sense of humour?


On another matter, which not really funny (but is also delightdfully apropos), it's interesting to remember  that  the June 28, 2012, non-compliant NI 43-101 was signed by J Frank Callighan and "


has been prepared on behalf of the Board of Directors which takes full responsibility for its contents.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetail.aspx?p=0&m=32521729&l=0&r=0&s=bgm&t=list#1FF5oqBCSD2AFyci.99


Should the BCSC follow the BPM precedent (only Kocken signed, and on behalf of the board, and Kocken is the only director named in the BCSC hearing notice), then, because J Frank Callaghan signed it and stated that it had "been prepared on behalf of the Board of Directors who take full responsibility for it", will the BCSC go after all of BGM's directors at June 28, 2012?


Should the BCSC use that precedent and should the BCSC sanction the then board, then that would bounce J Callaghan, A Rees, M Dharani, N Anderson and D McMillan...leaving the three new directors, C Elena, KJ Kutkevicius and M Steele.

Three directors are all that are needed...so it'd be a whole, new ballgame, right?