At the AGM Frank stated most of the work in the forthcoming technical report was focused on the resource potential.   I was also told by IR, BGM had to fly in the head of Snowden from Australia to give a presentation to the BCSC.  This was also the first time Snowden had "comments" on a report of theirs and had to defend or further explain their positon.  IMO one of two things are going on here... either the resource potential is truly massive as I believe it is and the BCSC wants to ensure what is put out can be definitively reasoned/defended (One could hope that is the case and 3 independent QP is not quite good enough anymore?),,,, or perhaps this is more of the same BCSC power/politics/ego personalities in play. 

 NOTE: IMO the BCSC is not their to defend the retail investor, they are they to defend their industry insiders,friends and family and Frank/BGM is not one of them....    (AND yes it would not be hard to drum up countless examples to defend my opinion...  here's one... Just look at HFT/Algo's they have allowed to front run your buy and sell orders or put in phantom bid/asks...  How does that serve the retail investor?