The BCSC is taking action against a TSX Venture Exchange company that allegedly breached mineral disclosure rules.

This is quite rare: the BCSC usually just requires the offending company to issue a release retracting or amending its earlier disclosure.

In this case, Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd. was given that opportunity. On Oct. 17, the company issued a release retracting its previously released "speculative economic analysis" on its gold property near Gold Bridge because it was not based on a current resource estimate.

However, the BCSC alleges, the next day the company filed a technical report on the electronic disclosure database for public companies (SEDAR) that included the analysis, and also posted the offending material on its website.

Named as respondents are the company, chief executive officer William Kocken, and president and chief operating officer Matthew Ball (who also acts as the company's "qualified person" for mineral disclosure purposes). A hearing date has not yet been set.

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