Newfie75, what exactly can the BCSC or any other authority do to BGM if they were to release the numbers that 3 independent firms have collaborated on?


I mean, it's not like BGM would be making things up, they would just be releasing in the public domain the numbers that 3 accredited QP from 3 independent firms have worked on and completed almost 1.5 months ago and prior to the AGM.


I would disagree with cabsav in that the numbers are material even if BGM shares are currently under an 8.5 month old CTO, and they should be released to shareholders when known, just like an update on gold production, which we've gone now for 3 months without an update.


Time will pass, and when exactly is too long, actually too long to wait for an update from the company? 


We're not going to get Year End Financials along with 4th Quarter Results until the end of June, so are we going to wait until then?  Is that reasonable?  IMO it is not.  atb