Yes some really good reporting guys 

in the lead up to the agm the vote on options was barely mentioned  , even by the bashers , I found that strange 

hey boss thoughts on geological potential.. This is by memory..when the bcsc constrained Rmx geo potential...they confined it to above the 1500 in bgms case the bcsc may have come up with a formula for bgm to constrain the potential...and bgm geos not exactly Rmx case I didn't see the logic because red lake gold is at depth...and Rmx geo potential was 18 to 20 million Ozs originally

One more thought about the options...if ever there was a time bgm wanted the options...this was the time...can you imagine the difference in option price the next time round?..if this report is big...FC and crew are going to be filthy rich..again if this report is big I will offer congratulations to FC and all bgm staff ...and thank them for assembling such a prolific land package...

sticking with the Rmx comparison...there was a time when Rmx option package was voted down 

come on bcsc expedite the approval process !