"Its pretty special to have 5, I wonder if there is a correlation between number of IR guys and amount of BS"


Well, BS breeds BS (and more BS needs even more BS)...did Murray Pezim say this?..


Maybe Fraser was hired to explain just exactly what is meant in CEO-speak by "well in advance"?

The CEO wrote the following on March 18, 2013 (18 days ago; could be construed as well in advance); it was on Sedar on March 21 (15 days ago...sort of pushing the envelope on well-in-advance, innit?) and it's now April 3, 2013 (13 days to go to the AGM date.....getting close to the best-by date for well in advance).


Looks to me like it's just another rewording of "next week", "next month", "a week ago last Friday" and "a week ago this Monday".


Say it ain't so, Fraser!!!


Message from the CEO

March 18, 2013

While we, and our mining consultant advisors, haven’t met the anticipated February 2013 targets for producing the revised technical report, we are making steady progress and expect to file a revised report well in advance of the shareholder Meeting