"What will be the end result of these 3 different firms collaborating with BGM"

You know, BX, the more consulting firms you drag into the mix, the more questions you raise.

Whatever role Mintec was playing in BGM's version of As the World Turns (which is the longest-running soap opera), it's obviously not of enough import to be mentioned in BGM's January news release which stated that the Snowden/Geoex joint report would be in the company's hands by the first week of February.

While the company admitted in its March 18 CEO's message that Snowden and Geoex still hadn't prepared a revised technical report, it also failed to make mention of Mintec.

BX, based upon fact, you have to accept that whatever minor role Mintec may have played in one of the many, many episodes of As the CTO Stays...THAT ROLE IS LONG COMPLETED, DONE AND DUSTED!!!

What are you going to clutter the board with next? A blurbie about Xerox?? I'm sure that Xerox hasn't copied and collated the long-overdue, legendary Snowden'Geoex report, so are you going to blame Xerox Corp for that, too?

Krikey, BX, why don't you follow the trail upwards, instead of always sideways, sideways, sideways?